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When Doni and Hazel set out to get Jewels-N-Art started they sought to create the perfect marriage of breathtaking art and quality and beautiful jewelry into a single and complimentary gift idea. Our Gift Boxes represent the perfect example of this joining of art and jewels we strive to provide.

Jewels-N-Art offers the highest quality in Custom Jewels and Art Gift Packages. Each one of our gift boxes is created with the perfect pairing of Fine Art Print and Jewelry set together for the creation of a unique and elegant gift. Gift boxes are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a Fine Art Gift Package for any occasion.

Each one of our Custom Jewels and Art Print pairing is matched and set in quality acrylic packaging. You choose the pairing that is perfect for you. Whether you are looking for a beautiful landscape or the powerful imagery of the African Plains there is a Art Print Gift Package perfect for your needs. Doni and Hazel have mastered the craft of bringing Custom Jewelry and Art Prints together into the perfect gift package ideas. Call us today at 1-800-252-5871 or e-mail us at

Custom Jewels and Art Gift Packages | Art Print Gift Packages CA | Custom Gift Packages