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In the sharp focus of a photorealist, Doni Kendig captures the nobility and spirit of her living subjects in their natural environment. The impact of her work, with its uncanny fidelity to reality, is immediate upon the viewer. We instinctively respond to the tensed beauty of a big cat, consumed by its vigilant stare. The spread of an eagle's wings in mid-flight inspires awe, while the potential menace in a wolf pack' s gathering glare suggests caution.

A world traveler, Doni avidly records natural phenomena with a camera. Studies of layered clouds over New Zealand, wave patterns mid-ocean, the wildlife on the vast plains of Africa, and field impressions of birds are documented by her discerning eye. The photographic studies build a collective lexicon ready for consideration in future work. She has a deeply felt admiration for nature and is devoted to communicating its multitude of ever changing atmospheric conditions and attitudes. Her original oil paintings sell for $4,000. to $20,000. based on sizes. and subject.

As a child, she experienced Nebraska's seasonal changes and the beauty of its harsh winters. A move to Arizona started an ongoing love affair with the desert. The enduring mystique of its isolation and dramatic sunsets were painted with splellbinding verity to place and time. A final move to California brought about a recognition of not only the ocean's power and dynamics, but also its ephemeral quality of dancing light on water's surface.

Doni Kendig's paintings resonate with depth, a highly persuasive feeling for texture, and solidity of mass. Basically self- taught, she has an inherently deep understanding of all aspects of nature. Whether it be the delicate curve of a feather, the suggested weight of a rock, or the graceful poise of a leopard, each is infused with perfect reality. We are readily convinced of their rightful place on earth. Gazing at the changing shades of gold to deep purple on the slopes of "Desert Spectacular" she notes " . . . you feel the insignificance of man, except as a threat."

Doni Kendig has developed a technique of applying an undercoating of acrylic to her canvas. This is overpainted with oils, which builds transparency and richness in light quality. Finally, coats of varnish are added. Each step measurably adds to an incredible sensation of depth.

Browse through the extensive collection of Doni Kendig's paintings, including giraffes, elephants, leopards, lions, tigers, florals, landscapes and seascapes, all available for pairing with your personal choice of baby gift or jewelry from the JEWELRY GALLERY or the BABY GIFT GALLERY.

We have chosen the digital giclee reproduction process for all our prints for its ability to capture in high reesolution and fidelity the deep saturated colors, minute detail and subtle tints and blends of the original. Colors and brushstrokes are reproduced unerringly, and the high resolution prints' clarity and brilliance are faithfully reproduced. Giclee prints are produced from a digital scan of the original. The image is then printed on fine art canvas using an archival inkjet process. There is no comparison to the printing processes of the past.

Our high definition prints are 5" x 7" at $10.00 and 8" x 10" at $15.00, they fit in any standard frame. ..An incredible value. At Art Shows and in galleries, prints of this quality sell for $ $100

As individual works of art, they display beautifully on table easels or a shelf and combine in pairs or groups. Market research indicates a fine art print on canvas is a treasured gift so enjoy your trip through the wonderful, magical world of Doni Kendig's imagination and marvel at her command and interpretations of the world around us and the creatures inhabiting the spaces.

Each catalog page contains ten fine art prints, shown with jewelry or baby gift attached. Click on Add to Cart to buy that combination. In the far left column of each page of the catalog, you have the option of entering the quantity, clicking on the Add To Cart button, choosing either the 5" x 7" or 8" x 10" print size, and the gift or jewelry item on the page or proceeding to the Art List to select a different print not on the page.

Many of the prints have companions. To buy a companion print, click on Art List in the right column.

Doni's fine art prints on canvas are available without gift items through the Art List or for larger sizes go to www.donikendig,com .

State of the art digital photography with total color management is the secret to our incomparable, quality fine art prints on canvas. Geoff Graham of Graham Editions is a master printer and a professional photographer extraordinaire. To see more, go to, "an atelier committed to artistic excellence."


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  ©2009-site design by Doni Kendig All rights reserved